Travelling With Your Dachshund

Whenever we go on trips, perhaps one of the few things that truly holds us back is having to contend with the decision of whether or not we should take our dog with us. It is either we take our dogs along for the trip or we leave them with a friend or family member while we are gone. Unfortunately, most dog owners are forced to resort to the latter solution. Instead of enjoying their trip, these doting dog owners simply end up worrying about their dogs the whole time. Luckily, this is not the case for Dachshund owners since dogs of this breed are actually quite easy to travel with.

When it comes to travelling with your pets, the biggest advantage of the Dachshund is its size. However, just because we are able to bring our pets with us, doesn’t necessarily mean that we should always take them with us. A lot goes into conditioning your pet for such trips. Sudden changes in the environment, involved in the physical act of transporting your dog can cause emotional stress on your dog. As much as we want to be with our pets at all times, sometimes we have to assess our options and think in terms of our dog’s best interest.

For instance, travelling on the road can cause stress on your dog for quite a number of reasons. For one, they may not be used to the physical surroundings of your car. Second of all, they may not be used to the motion in the car-not just the physical sensation but the actual experience of hearing loud sounds and seeing objects flashing by the windows of your car as you move. This is why it is always good to socialize your Dachshund at an early age since getting them used to various sights, sounds, and places, as puppies will help them develop into well-rounded pets in the future.

For long trips on the road, booster seats are available. Remember that sudden stops may seriously injure your dog. For plane trips, it may be a good idea to check the guidelines of your airline first. Some allow dogs to be taken on-board, but most prefer that they be in crates. Since these trips mean that they are kept in an unfamiliar environment for a longer period, you may want to make sure that your Dachshund has a pillow and blanket in its crate.

The Dachshund’s positive demeanor and adaptability makes it easy for us to take them along on trips, but we must never forget that just like any other dog, they have limits. Whatever the case, remember that your goal is to have your Dachshund be as comfortable as possible during the duration of the trip.

Plan Early Before Travelling

Anyone planning to travel through an airline for sure wants to get the cheapest ticket. Traveling domestically or abroad has made air travel a necessity. Every person has to make use of it even the cost is high. One could always look for alternate option like a bus or rail, but going out of the country, one could not utilize these options. The time option is extremely high priced resource. People do not mind spending extra on the air ticket, if it could save them few hours. The cost of airline tickets keeps on varying because of the immense competition among the airlines. Each of them is in contention and struggle that their aircraft’s fly fully loaded. This could only be done if they are ensured that each and every seat on the flight is confirmed and filled.

This tariff war has been started by smaller airline companies, who are trying to get a market share. They try to reduce the fare prices to get more and more customers attracted towards them. The traveling season and weekends are exceptionally beneficial for the airlines, and they try to increase the prices to get the benefit and value of the rush.

Thus, if one knows that he/she has to travel through an airline like Go Airlines or Paramount Airways, in a couple of months, and then one must immediately book the ticket. It is not advised to wait as at weekends and traveling season the fares are the highest and an inappropriate time to book tickets.

One could find and book the cheap seats normally about three to four months before in advance of the day one plans to move. This is not a standard, but one has to look consistently for the revised airfares to take advantage of the discounts offered by the airlines. It is better to make travel plans in advance to take advantage of cheap air tickets, to make it the best time to buy the air tickets.

Have a cup of coffee while travelling

Many of you might have thought how wonderful it would be if you could have a cup of coffee while travelling. Travel mugs are the only accessories that can make this wish come true. Whether you want to carry hot or cold beverages, travel mugs are your only answer. There are different types of travel mugs available in the market. For instance, ceramic travel mug, personalized travel mug, and stainless steel travel mug are some of the common types of travel mugs. Some travel mugs come with innovative features like press to sip and release to seal function.

When it comes to retaining heat or cold efficiently for many hours, stainless steel travel mugs are champions. Usually stainless steel travel mugs come with double wall insulation, so that heat or cold retention is high. In addition, these mugs are durable and 100% leak-proof and spill-proof. Ceramic travel mugs on the other hand come with an outer wall made from stainless steel and inner wall made from ceramic. The blend of ceramic and steel not only gives an exquisite look to it, but also makes the travel mug tougher and efficient. Ceramic and stainless steel travel mugs may cost you more money, but these mugs are highly effective in retaining heat or cold for long hours. Plastic travel mugs are cheap, but ineffective in heat or cold retention when compared with stainless steel and ceramic travel mugs.